Mercenaries of Astonia
Mercenaries of Astonia (V2) was a 2d isometric online RPG. The official server was taken down by its creator after he wrote a new version (V3), but was allowed to continue running in the hands of a trusted companion. During this time it was dubbed Lost Mercenaries of Astonia. Ultimately this version was also taken down, but since this event it seems the creator has been allowing other players set up their own servers, and has even released the source code. You can download the source code from the creator's site here. The following utilities were made during the original V2 and the Lost Mercenaries version of the game.

LMU (Lost Merc Utility)
View character and item stats.
Download - (71 KB)
Shows the phase of the moon in the game with an icon in the system tray. It is also possible to have the game startup and login automatically at a specified number of minutes before a good moon.
Download - (24 KB)
V2 Image Extractor
Extract images from the game data files
Download - (145 KB)